Togga’s mission is to make the beautiful game even more exciting to the millions of fans across the globe. Our aim is to bring a new fantasy experience to the football fans who want to try something new and to football fans who have never thought to play fantasy football.

For us, this starts with a draft since the draft is the best part of the season. It gets the season off to the right start and ensures only one player can play per team. This allows for more robust strategy and fosters a game type where more EPL players impact the outcome of fantasy matches.

Beyond the draft, we feel the scoring of the fantasy football is due for a makeover. There are many key contributions that should be represented in the scoring that now will be. We believe our scoring will make the game more exciting, while at the same time, educate fans on players who might add an immense amount of value to their teams, but previously were not rewarded in the fantasy world for their valuable contributions. With Togga’s live scoring of 20 stats, now every game has action, even a 0-0 draw. Check out our EPL fantasy scoring.

Our initial product is a season long private gaming experience for the English Premier League, but we plan on rolling out our game for all the major leagues. We also are super excited to bring various types of competitions in weekly format types of play. This will allow for users to experience both the excitement of the long season with the allure of picking an optimal weekly lineup.

Finally, we are a user first company. We make a firm commitment to listen to our users in an effort to continually improve the overall experience of our offerings. Please engage with us at support@playtogga.com without hesitation if you have feedback about what we can do better. We will always listen!

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